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Cosmic Sky


Embodiment Specialist | Sound Alchemist | Breath Centered Yoga & Bodywork

My offerings are practices to create alignment through self-study, emotional processing, empowerment & embodiment.

Body/Mind/Emotion/Energy/Spirit all bleed into and effect each other. We can not seperate the layers of our being. As above, so below.

 This means that we can use our physical BODY, conscious BREATH & SOUND as gateways to the inner senses that allow us to perceive the deepest layers of our being.  This aids us in creating change - as well as releasing blockages & pain ~ allowing us to experience a greater sense of balance & ease.



"Ashley's calming presence combined with her keen knowledge and grounded teaching style make her specialized offerings a truly beautiful gift to yourself. Highly recommend!"

~ Tammy C.

"I appreciate the thoughtful planning Ashley puts into each class. Her space is warm and safe, peaceful and relaxing. I breathe deeper, move easier and experience more freedom from my anxious state of mind."

~ Colleen

Breath Centered Yoga

The intention of these classes is to create a sense of balance and ease in the physical body, to soothe the nervous system and to take you on a journey through the layers of your being.

Breathing Therapeutics

Breath is a bridge to a felt sense of power and ease. It is a link between body, mind, emotion and spirit. It has the potential to relieve tension, increase energy and resilience, improve mental clarity, regulate the nervous system, and influence overall wellbeing. 

Bhakti & Mantra


Sound Therapy

Cupping Therapy


Thai Massage

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