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The Cornerstones of Relationship
November 12-19, 2023

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The Cornerstones of Relationship:

A Couples Immersion

Our inaugural Couples Immersion in Costa Rica is open for registration! 

Sundance, Jordan and Karen will be co-creating this expansive and comprehensive Couples experience.


Our week-long immersion will begin with 3 days of focusing on men's and women's work separately.

Men will focus on the complex nature of masculine growth, individual masculinity,  and a celebration of the masculine process by initiation.  

Women will focus on unleashing their inner wildness, releasing old stories, shifting perspectives, and celebrating their unique magic!

Couples will then reunite for the remainder of the week.

Here we will focus on gaining a broader perspective of intimacy, celebrating relationship as a spiritual process of growth, while journeying towards love, commitment and grace.

Costa Rica

Tierra de Suenos Lodge

November 12th - 19th, 2023

7 couple spots available


The Experience

There exists a path through the trees that leads back to the original cornerstone of your relationship.


The anchor point and 1st building block of a foundation.

A place to return to, inscribed with the initial intention of the creation.

Our intention is to serve as a catalyst for you and your relationship. We are committed to guiding you in clearing space within yourself, so that you may see that path back to the cornerstone of your relationship more clearly. This work will create an opening for you both to travel the path of love in union, experience the depth of re-connection, and enter new realms of awakened potential together.

This immersion is about your own sacred experience.

We are here to support you as you consciously co-create together. 

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Our Week Together

Our intention is to create a balanced schedule, offering both in-depth work and space for relaxation and adventure.

Our days will be structured as follows:

7am: Morning Igniters

9am: Breakfast

Group/Private Depth Work / Free Time

1pm: Lunch

Group/Private Depth Work / Free Time

6:00pm: Dinner

7:30pm: Evening Circle / Sound Journey / Free Time

*note that included is an overnight excursion with a local tribe where the schedule will vary from above


Morning Igniters

Walk, swim, group calisthenics, yoga etc.

Free Time

We have created space for solo/group offsite activities, nature adventures, beach time, etc.

Evening Circle & Sound Journey

Sound, conversation, inquiry and being


Meals are offered at specific times as a group gathering.

Please note you always have the option to have your meal wrapped up if you plan to be out adventuring, or pass on a meal if you choose to take in a local restaurant! 


Your Jungle Oasis:

Tierra de Suenos Lodge

In the southeast corner of Costa Rica you'll find Tierra de Suenos nestled into in the edge of the jungle, right across the road from the beach! In under five minutes you can walk from your dense jungle home-away-from-home to experience the vast expanse of the Caribbean Sea.

As an established leader in ecotourism, Tierra de Suenos is made up a collection of cozy bungalows dotted around in tropical gardens, with paths to each other as well as the central lodge, yoga deck, and gathering space. 

"I love that you have this jungle to one side of you, and you also have the ocean to the other side of you. And having the ocean there, and that horizon, gives that spaciousness."

~ Ash

The delicious and fresh meals are prepared onsite by local chefs with locally sourced ingredients.

Our retreat includes 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches and 6 dinners (one evening meal to explore nearby restaurants!)

All meals are vegetarian, with an optional meat option at 4 dinners. Other dietary requirements can be accommodated, please enquire!

For more information please click here.

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What's Included:


  • 7 nights accommodation

  • 20 meals

  • unlimited water, coffee, tea

  • shuttles from/to San Jose on Mar 17th/24th (5hrs one way)

  • closing ceremony

  • 2 pre-immersion group gatherings (Regina, SK)

  • 2 pre-immersion group Zoom calls

  • free time to adventure

  • access to WIFI


  • overnight excursion with a local tribe

  • 3 group depth sessions

  • 1 private 1-on-1 coaching session

  • 2 sound journeys

  • 4 morning igniters

  • 2 pre-immersion group gatherings (Regina, SK)

  • 2 pre-immersion group Zoom calls


  • bonfire and ecstatic dance

  • 2 group depth sessions

  • 1 private 1-on-1 intuitive guidance session

  • 3 sound journeys

  • 6 morning igniters

  • 2 pre-immersion group gatherings (Regina, SK)

  • 2 pre-immersion group Zoom calls

What's Not Included:

  • flights

  • travel/medical insurance (approx CND $200-250)

  • travel agent booking fee (approx CND $120)

  • alcoholic beverages

  • optional offsite activities

Exchange in USD $:

Early Bird: $1,900 USD ($3,800/couple)

until June 7th, 2023

Regular: $2,200 USD ($4,400/couple)

June 8th, 2023 until close

*non-refundable deposit of $600 USD ($1,200/couple) due at time of registration

*we will accept CND$ at the Affinity CU exchange rate on the date deposit/payments are made

For serious enquiries, additional details and registration, please text 306-540-8096 or email

Please note!

We are committed to assisting those of you joining us with any additional help planning your unique journey, such as optional offsite solo/group adventures: jungle waterfall hike, kayaking, surfing, jungle night hike, and offshore fishing.


- SK

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