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Current Offerings

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Our Sound Journeys are an opportunity for you to experience yourself in a new way. We intentionally create a space to hold you as you dive deep within your own Being. 

During this experience you will be enveloped by the vibrations and frequencies of song, drums, rattles, gongs, crystal bowls, rain-sticks and chimes.


This powerful sound alchemy will take you on a journey unique to you. 

The Vault Website.png

The Vault is a 2-day opportunity for men to gather with men. The container created is for those men ready to access and ignite the state of their Being.  

Questions can be a catalyst when they come from a place of curiosity. When we gather with this intention and commit ourselves to this simple process, shifts occur.

The Womb Website.png

The Womb is an opportunity for women to gather in community. This sacred space will meet you in love and understanding, receiving you as you are so that you may co-create your most aligned experience! 

This nurturing space will support you while you dive into your unique internal experience. These embodiment practices encourage you to to move through the layers of your being to see what is calling your attention, your acceptance, your love, and what may be ready to move and/or released.

We will explore movement, breath and sound, using these tools to create spaciousness in the pelvic bowl and allowing the womb space to lead the way. We will access a deeper state of awareness and take this sacred journey together.

HeartSong Website.png

The Heart Song is a sound journey that includes a unique song for each attendee, channeled by Sundance and supported with touch by Karen.

Our intention is to create a space to encourage your hearts journey.

"The individual heart song brought forward that part of me that longed to be released and healed, something that couldn't be put into words. Thank you both for the powerful but gentle healing experience. Will be back soon."

~ Dana Clay


"Hearing my channeled Heart Song felt like a loving hug from my Spirit Team and made my heart feel expansive!"

~ Kelly


"Heart Song surrounds me with a deep sense of acceptance, peace and love. I feel renewed."

~ Sharon 

"Experienced my first gong bath ceremony this weekend facilitated by Sacred Compass.  It was like 10 years of therapy all in one incredible experience. Sundance and Karen have a beautiful energy that they lovingly share with the group, making you feel safe and understood."

- Lisa Kalberg

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