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Energy Alchemy



Direct transmission energy refers to serving as an open channel/vessel to allow the energies present in the moment to flow in for profound shifts in your energetic field.

This type of work is completely intuitive and comes from our inner knowing and ancient wisdom.

With a foundation of commitment, trust and surrender there exists an infinite amount of unique possibilities of direct energy transmissions.


​Reiki is a Japanese technique for anxiety reduction and relaxation that also promotes alignment by way of life force energy.  Reiki treats the whole person (body, emotions, mind & spirit) and creates a relaxed state of being as well as feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

Karuna Ki.jpg


​Karuna Ki means compassionate energy in action with wisdom. This energy helps us to awaken to Universal compassion, first for ourselves and then for all others! When we can learn to be understanding of ourselves in a gentle way, we can then see ourselves through the eyes of the Divine as a parent would see a beloved child.


This compassionate state of consciousness can be a powerful way to transform our inner world, which in turn impacts both our outer world and those in our lives in the most beautiful way! Karuna Ki helps us to learn trust, both in ourselves and the Divine, which leads to letting go of fear and living in peace.

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