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Sound Journey

 "Gongs are powerful sacred instruments that penetrate the mind and speak directly to the heart. And sometimes that can create chatter in the mind, because the mind is trying to make sense of what's happening in the heart. And because gongs speak the sacred language the mind will never be able to understand that language, but the heart does. And in the understanding of that sacred sound the heart rests into the frequency of the gongs."
~ Sundance Robson 

A sound journey is the process in which all (or specific) aspects of sound and vibrational frequency are used to improve wellbeing.  


This includes the emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical, social, mental, and superficial.

Our bodies are hardwired to receive frequency and vibration.

That being said, we are all unique in our wiring and life experiences, and will receive the value of Sound Therapy in different ways.

A significant benefit of Sound Therapy is that it can be very effective in bringing our body into a parasympathetic nervous state. This state of relaxation slows us down, helping immunity, decreasing stress hormones, reducing high blood pressure and improving sleep.

Sound can also be a catalyst in that it travels through the body to places of stored or stagnant energy. Depending on the type of stored energy, the experience may include busy thoughts, old forgotten memories surfacing, misunderstandings we have been carrying, physical movements, and pain. This movement of old energy can be uncomfortable, however this process supports us in making a shift towards greater harmony within. 

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Gongs have been dated at 4,000 years old. These ancient instruments are individually hand crafted by gong makers, constructed from hammered metals and other alloys to help with frequency. This process produces a unique sound for each gong, although a similar tone can be achieved across gong styles following design specifics.

Gongs have been compared to the sun.

And the sun is like fire.

And the fire burns up everything that we are not.


The crystal singing bowl is made of the highest purity crystal quartz (99.99%).  These Sacred Sound instruments are amazing for deep meditation with a clear and highly enriched vibrational sound resonance.  The crystal bowl brings alive an inter-dimensional sound that vibrates through your being and the meditative space, creating an opportunity to move deeper into and through your own personal journey.

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