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 "The drum is the heartbeat of the universe. It's important that people have a place to meet, and that meeting place is around the heartbeat of the drum. Because when we gather around the drum we all beat as one."

-Sundance Robson


A set of acts, often traditional, performed at a formal occasion to recognize an important event.


Our Ceremonies are created with the intention of providing you a safe space to go inward and be gentle with yourself as you move through that which arises.


We work with an alchemized blend of sacred soundenergy alignmentsplant medicines, physical touch and conversation to support you in moving forward and deeper on your own unique healing journey.

Sacred Compass Ceremony

During a sound experience you may experience some the following:

  • direct transmission energy healing and restoration

  • present state awareness, deep insights and realizations

  • enhanced activation of the central nervous system

  • embodiment of the Scared Spirit at the cellular level

  • spiritual growth

  • relief from anxiety/stress and deep relaxation

  • support through emotional releases

  • re-stabilizing and balancing of life force energies


Sundance and Karen lead an incredible ceremony for my partner and I. The space was beautiful and the energy shared was powerful. My partner and I came out of the ceremony feeling more connected as a couple. Individually, we left feeling more in tune with our souls. We are both grateful to have shared such sacred space with these divine spirits. Looking forward to intersecting paths again through more ceremonies to come.

- Steph Gartel

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The main ceremonial structure is the set time and location.


Below is a typical format, however may move around to flow with what is needed in the space.

  • ceremonial smudge (scent/smoke warning)

  • communion of truth

  • distance energy healing

  • 1st sound bath

  • break

  • cacao ceremony

  • 2nd sound bath

  • reintegration and check-in


Meditations are structured as follows:

  • ceremonial smudge (scent/smoke warning)

  • sound bath

  • reintegration and check-in

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